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it's still snowing outside, relentlessly and softly; i find it endlessly comforting, while we're cocooned inside, safe as houses and cuddling on a whim. most of the day was spent in bed, rewatching old movies and finishing up olivier salad. (well, i've also passed the fourth quiz in my calculus course, derivatives! 6/6 on the first try, either i get smarter or things are starting to coalesce).

meanwhile, [community profile] snowflake_challenge time! in your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. leave a comment in this post saying you did it. include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. maybe someone will grant a wish. check out other people's posts. maybe you will grant a wish. if any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

- more goblin emperor fics!this year's yuletide brought a great harvest of them, but apparently my heart's desire is hurt/comfort with maia being in a center, and maia/csethiro as the main relationship with others being adjascent to it (a poly relationship, a poly v relationship, whatever, but csethiro must be there, for me). outsider povs, maia's household doting on him, political intrigues, whatever. my heart is still not sated, and it's been a whole book.

- i'm always excited and humbled by any kind of related works for my fics - fanart (oh my), or podfics, or remixes (ahhh i want), or anything. i don't think it's unusual ^___^

- i really want baahubali to happen as a fandom. [ profile] avani wrote me a gorgeous drabble for yule madness, but i want moooore and more and more. and more.

also, dearest [ profile] hamsterwoman, as promised to you and inspired by you, 2015 reading roundup! i've tried to at least shortly review everything i read this year (here or on goodreads)), so it's something more of an attempt of a summary. not a bad reading year, all things considered, although a bit lackluster one.

the reasons for living the freedom of words )

january is starting well.

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LOOK AT MY GLORIOUS YULETIDE SPOILS. not one and not two but three glorious roundtable rival fics that cover pretty much everything i've ever wanted in this fandom.

we're inn trouble (2764 words)
additional tags: threesome - f/f/f, non-consensual drug use, talent shows, hurt/comfort, misses clause challenge

willa and her two ladyfriends, sadie and mae, need to stop for the night. they are lucky enough to find an inn with rooms available, but the service might not be all that they would've wished for.

a fairytale continuation to the tale, with ominous magic inn and it's (likely fair folk) owner and one really, really dangerous talent show. magic and poison and trial by music and readiness to sacrifice, and then a sweet, sweet ending of comfort and love and new beginnings.

a little musicality (1290 words)
additional tags: yuletide treat, yuletide 2015, ridiculous, female friendship, misses clause challenge

let me tell you a tale of music and whiskey. of the souls nearly owned by the company store(tm).

THIS WAS SO HILARIOUS, and also kind of sneakily poignant in a folk song way, but also oh my god. i've laughed my way through it and then absolutely lost it in the end:

It's said that those ladies played the Ballad of Jayne©. It's said that they played the Ballad of Lisa Simpson©. But no, they just played some darn good fiddle, and some Amazing Grace(public domain), though no one was quite sure there Miss Mini-Bowler with her steam powered bagpipes came from.

and rose again (to my true love and my dance) (7299 words)
characters: the violinist (roundtable rival), first dancing girl (roundtable rival), second dancing girl (roundtable rival)
additional tags: threesome - f/f/f, polyamory, loyalty, emotional hurt/comfort, music, magic, yuletide treat

they say you can work nothing with dancing by itself—nothing at all, most likely, and surely nothing as will stick. (backstory fic, sort of? set pre-video: in a steampunk wild west where music is magic, a violinist upholds justice and falls in love with a pair of dancers.)

and then this story, a slow and expansive and glorious point of origin, the beginning of the relationship and of legend (of sort): i love how much it expands on the world, with little background details painting a huge, lush picture, and i loved how much gentleness and courage the love story in the middle of it took. nobility and brave last stands and dancing again fate.

i'm one happy, happy, happy recipient. all the femslash and all the valor and all the love, all for meeee.

friday song is for all celebrating today. merry christmas!


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