Feb. 14th, 2017

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showing off my wonderful gifts for chocolate box! that was an extremely lovely challenge, and i'm so happy with the results.

the mystery of the missing horses (2891 words) by anonymous
fandom: the librarians (tv 2014)
characters: cassandra cillian, eve baird, jenkins | galahad, jake stone, ezekiel jones
additional tags: season/series 03, unicorns, hurt/comfort

a magical mystery leads to eve getting injured.

my delightful gift! eve gets injured, cassandra gets worried and protective, and topics such as military stoicism, unicorns vs. virgins and troubles of finding a date while being a librarian are discussed. a delight of a story.

"We've had a hard day," Eve said, changing the subject.

"That's an understatement." And Eve was perfectly fine, but Cassandra was still scared about something happening to her.

"So I think we've earned a break," Eve went on, but the corners of her mouth twitched at Cassandra's interruption. "Let's go get a drink. If Stone and Ezekiel don't stop arguing, they can buy the drinks."

Cassandra smiled. "Or we'll just sit at a different table. On the other side of the bar."

psmith and the after-lunch winter (3272 words) by anonymous
fandom: psmith - p. g. wodehouse, chronicles of narnia - c. s. lewis
characters: rupert psmith, jadis | the white witch, mike jackson, edmund pevensie
additional tags: crossover

when psmith was still just a wee smith, he had a very strange adventure in some beautifully crafted cabinetry...

psmith meets narnia, and narnia meets psmith: it's hard to say who's shaken more. written in amazing psmith voice, with a perfect edmund to boot, and therefore is hysterically funny.

“I will feel Comrade Jackson’s desertion cruelly, but your solidarity is much appreciated, Comrade Pevensie.”

“Are you a socialist, Smith?” Pevensie asked.

“I am. May I spend the evening swaying you to the cause?”

Pevensie shook his head. “I’m a monarchist, through and through.”

“Constitutional or absolutist?”

Pevensie thought. “Absolute, I suppose. But in practice, I was always open to something a bit more democratic.”

(safe) house in the woods (1851 words) by anonymous
fandom: wynonna earp (tv)
relationships: xavier dolls/wynonna earp/doc holliday, canon relationship(s)
characters: xavier dolls, wynonna earp, doc holliday (wynonna earp)
additional tags: pre-relationship, hurt/comfort, post-season/series 01, withdrawal, implied/referenced torture

of course wynonna's going to get dolls. and of course doc is going with her.

pitch-perfect hurt/comfort follow up to season 1: wynonna and doc rescue dolls and bring him home. seen via doc, who loves almost despite himself and can't let go if he tried, and goes in circles until he ends where he should be. the way these three take care of each other is just so - right; together, they will shake the world.

Doc tries the bed again that night. After about an hour, he heads out to the living room. Wynonna's sitting on the couch, Dolls's head on her lap. Doc considers going to the loveseat, but decides against it, instead sitting on the other side of the sofa, lifting Dolls' feet and setting them in his own lap.

Dolls is breathing heavily, and the shakes are back. Wynonna says, "We're gonna fix this."

Dolls reaches out with one of his hands and squeezes at her knee. Doc says, "Well yeah, we've already gotta plan, haven't we?"

Dolls laughs, a short, huffing noise, but Doc is pretty sure the amusement is genuine. "Yeah," he says. "A plan. Those never go wrong with us."

"Never," Wynonna agrees, with a laugh of her own.

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