Oct. 19th, 2014

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Dear writer, hello! I'm so excited to have you writing for me, and hope it'll be an enjoyable experience for you as well. These are all my dear, dear fandoms, so, while I'll try to give you some optional details below, anything and everything you'll choose to write will be a delight.

So, keeping in mind that optional details are optional, let's see:

Things I love:
hurt/comfort - with nice copious comfort and equally nice hardcore hurt (or not, really, just - all the hurt/comfort; it's a bulletproof narrative kink where you can't do wrong);
found families - people who love each other (dating or not) building a life together;
touch - not necessarily sexual, just characters holding each other, playing with hair, etc.;
hope - characters with difficult lives who look to the future with dignity and hope;
kindness - between friends and lovers and enemies and everybody, basically. Kindness as the foundation of the universe.

Things I do not love:
unhappy endings and doomed characters;
betrayals, especially partner betrayal of any kind;
torture and suffering that isn't followed by comfort (torture and suffering followed by comfort are awesome: I'm this person who put "dungeons" and "crucifixion" on [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo prompts list);
character death.

Now onwards to the specific fandoms:

The Goblin Emperor, Fire's Stone, Still The World Is Beautiful, Falcon, Onmyoji, The Reward )

That's it! Most of all I hope that you'll have terrific time this Yule, and I thank you so much in advance for writing for me and my tiny heartfandoms ♥


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