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Dear writer, hello! I'm so excited to have you writing for me, and hope it'll be an enjoyable experience for you as well. These are all my dear, dear fandoms, so, while I'll try to give you some optional details below, anything and everything you'll choose to write will be a delight.

So, keeping in mind that optional details are optional, let's see:

Things I love:
hurt/comfort - with nice copious comfort and equally nice hardcore hurt (or not, really, just - all the hurt/comfort; it's a bulletproof narrative kink where you can't do wrong);
found families - people who love each other (dating or not) building a life together;
touch - not necessarily sexual, just characters holding each other, playing with hair, etc.;
hope - characters with difficult lives who look to the future with dignity and hope;
kindness - between friends and lovers and enemies and everybody, basically. Kindness as the foundation of the universe.

Things I do not love:
unhappy endings and doomed characters;
betrayals, especially partner betrayal of any kind;
torture and suffering that isn't followed by comfort (torture and suffering followed by comfort are awesome: I'm this person who put "dungeons" and "crucifixion" on [ profile] hc_bingo prompts list);
character death.

Now onwards to the specific fandoms:

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison
Maia Drazhar, Cala Athmaza, Csevet Aisava, Deret Beshelar

This book is my new favorite obsession and basically everything I ever wanted from a narrative about a previously helpless person struggling with the newfound power. I would love to read a story about pretty much any detail of Maia's reign, and the way he interacts with his nonecharis and his secretary. If you're looking for more specific prompts, and outside POV on Maia would be glorious; any details on Cala, Csevet and Beshelar's lifes and relationships would be really welcome; them trying to get Maia to take better care of himself would be amazing. A new palace coup? Dealing with war? Diplomacy? Court intrigue? Quiet evening in the Alcethmeret? Any further detail on Maia, Cala and Beshelar further negotiating their not-friendship? Anything and everything would be lovely.

You're in no way obligated to add any other characters to the story, but if you'll want to, I adore or find fascinating pretty much everybody in this book, so feel absolutely free to.

Fire's Stone - Tanya Huff
Darvish, Aaron, Chandra

I love this book for the ultimate idtastic comfort it brings me and the earnest delight it finds in its tropes (soulbonding! OT3! hurt/comfort! loyalty! adventures! torture! saving each other's lives!). I'd love to read a post-finale OT3 happily ever after for Aaron, Darvish and Chandra (especially with a h/c tint for Aaron and ~teaching him to be loved), be it a plotty political story or PWP slice of life or anything and everything in between. 

それでも世界は美しい | The World Is Still Beautiful (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii)
Nike Lemercier, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia | Livius I, Neil

Soredemo Sekai is the crackiest, loveliest political arranged marriage anime of my heart. I love Nike in all her Nausicaa-like glory, her impulsiveness and her maturity and her curiosity and her stubbornness and her strength and her kindness. I love how hard Livius tries to be the best person he can be (while being an utter brat he is) and how well he responds to Nike's attempts to draw him out and make him see the beauty of the world. And I love poor long-suffering Neil who's not paid nearly enough to deal with them two and the empire on top of that, and how well he does.

So, basically, write me how they go on. Nike settling into being an empress, Livius learning to be an emperor worth her, Neil struggling not to murder them both, all of them doing what they can as brilliantly as possible. Again, court intrigue? Magic? War threat? Hostile negotiations? Castle maintenance? Nike overusing her magic to defend her new home and being lovingly nursed back to health? Complicated political decisions? Uncomplicated family life? Dealing with other rulers? Dealing with Nike's family? Secret conspiracies? Whatever it is, I want it so badly.

I'm 10000% not opposed to romantic Nike/Livius (or even Nike/Livius/Neil, really), but if you write it, I would really appreciate it if you did what show is kinda slow on and aged Livius up.

Falcon - Emma Bull
Niki Falcon, Laura

I love this book for its fascinating and bold narrative structure and absolutely shameless hurt/comfort appeal; I love how it's at once an interesting and decently subtle exploration of nature of power and limits of personal responsibility and death wish and wanting to live just as you're doomed to die, and at once a completely unabashed attempt to have as many people as possible to reflect on Niki's tragic paleness, tragic addiction, tragic past or tragic pain in frankly pornographic terms (just as planned!). So, whether you will choose to go with the first or with the second or with both, is good with me.

I would really love to see more about Laura the badass space captain, and her friendship and travels with Niki during the timeskip - how did they meet, how did their relationship begin, what did they see and do, what did she do before that, how did she become herself as we see her in the book proper? Or, if you give me a fix-it for her after the book's finale it would be A-OK with me as well (oh, and how). Or anything else about these two, really!

Again, you don't have to include other characters in any way, but if you'll want to, feel free and go ahead!

Onmyouji | The Yin-Yang Master (Movies)
Minamoto no Hiromasa, Abe no Seimei

I've picked these movies on a rec from the previous Yuletide, and was in love with it ever since. I delight in the relationship between Hiromasa and Seimei, the way it's built on kindness and adoration and loyalty and kindness once again; the way Hiromasa is loudly and unashamedly cowardly but never afraid to lay his life down on the line when it's needed, the way Seimei would move heaven and earth for Hiromasa's sake, the way he teases without being cruel and Hiromasa always gets the joke. Any canon-set story, be it a PWP or a casefile, would be welcome, or you could go wild with the AUs: the Heian space opera! Steampunk! Noir movie! A procedural! As long as these two are themselves and together, I'll be excited about everything.

The Reward (Tales of Alethrion) (Short Film)

Maybe you're looking for an adorable, hilarious, heartfelt nine-minutes-long fantasy video about an Epic Quest and True Friendship, with lovely characters and brilliantly unfettered worldbuilding and more glorious adventures per minute than some proper-length blockbusters offer you? That would be Sun Studio's The Reward, my joy and delight. Write me anything! Vito and Wilhelm's travails on their way to greatness? Bring it on! Bandaging each other's wounds and cuddling under the latest defeated monster? Canon! Snarking and fighting and having each other's backs anyway? Yes! Two women from the end of the video going on the road to have an Adventure of their own? Perfect. Your own story and building up on the colorful glimpses of Alethrion we've gotten to see in the video? Yes please, go for it! Basically I just hope you'll have as much fun and joy with this film as I did.

That's it! Most of all I hope that you'll have terrific time this Yule, and I thank you so much in advance for writing for me and my tiny heartfandoms ♥
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