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Title: Subtraction
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Joss Carter/Zoe Morgan/Sameen Shaw
Warnings/Content: Canon character death, mourning, threesome
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Vengeance might feel good but it doesn't make things right.

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Subtraction )

Title: Recovery
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Sickfic, Root lives, post-series
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Shaw says she has no bedside manner, even though she hasn't left Root's side since the shooting.

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Recovery )

Title: Favours
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: John Reese/Kara Stanton
Warnings/Content: Pre-series, canon-level violence,
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Kara loves to show John just how much she cares.

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Favours )
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Title: Aftershock
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Leo Fitz/Framework!Grant
Warnings/Content: Angst, drinking, forgiveness
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Fitz can't leave Grant standing on the doorstep in the rain. (Set post S4 finale, but before that future scene in the diner.)

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Aftershock )

Title: Date Night
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Warnings/Content: Flirting, Sam showing off, Steve's notebook of modern facts
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Sam knows he's being ogled.

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Date Night )

Title: Air Show
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: After they've found Bucky, they need some time to hide out and recover. (Set after Winter Soldier, on the road trip that should have been.)

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Air Show )
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In these dark times, a little joy can go a long way: The Toast is back for a one-day spectacular. (It's spectacular because they're back. And it's one day of posts just like in the old days, except without the comments...)

Things Read
Finally started Harbors of the Sun, the last Raksura novel, and I'm really enjoying the sweet interpersonal stuff and the fast-paced adventure that's the plot. Love Martha Wells' boundless imagination and fantastic world building.

Things Watched
We watched Kingsman this weekend, and it was the perfect movie for a Friday night with pizza and beer.

Just started Little Witch Academia which seems quite enjoyable - a show about girls! Without any boys at all! And so far a total of 0 panty shots?! Color me pleasantly surprised.

Twin Peaks: The Return blows my mind every single week and episode 11 was one of my favorites in a series that has been thoroughly outstanding.

Was home alone without Skuld for an evening, and checked out Saiyuki: Reload Blast, and it pretty much overwhelmed me with nostalgia. I have so many memories of the Saiyuki fandom both online and in Japan, and it's so bittersweet to have a new season now in 2017. (That's. Uh. ...14 years after I got in to it?)

Future Things
After I finish Harbors of the Sun there's other new releases to catch up on - like Megan Whalen Turner's Thick as Thieves. But I haven't settled on anything yet. The way the world is going, maybe I'll just re-read all of Yotsuba&! and Chi's Sweet Home. :/


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So I got kicked in the chest last Sunday. Well, upperchest/shoulder. Swimming: a more dangerous sport than you'd expect!

Was okay most of Monday, then began hurting in the evening. It's been hurting, with varying degrees of intensity, ever since. I hurt more in the evenings than mornings, but overall I thinkit's getting better. (I have an unrelated doctor appointment on Friday, so if it still hurts by then, I'll bring it up.)

Anyway, I've been taking it easy and avoiding moving that shoulder. That's why I've been mostly off the internet for now. Tomorrow I'll off the internet because I'm going to see Valerian! That should be more fun.
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The Toast makes a one-day-only return appearance today! "Link Roundup!"

Yesterday [ profile] bluemeridian posted a batch of MCU and Wonder Woman recs.

"‘Wrath of Khan’ Returning to Theaters for 35th Anniversary".

"Orbit Turns 10: Take a Look at a Decade of Milestones". [The B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog]

Via [ profile] misbegotten, the Cincinnati Zoo has successfully reunited Fiona-the-hop with both of her parents. Adorable hippo pictures ahoy!

From 2014, but via Twitter today: "BitchTapes: American Protest Music". [Bitch Media]

"The Fourth Messenger at the 2017 New York Musical Festival". [] (Includes purchase links for the soundtrack and script.) [ETA: Refers to a concluded run, not an upcoming one.]

On Atlas Obscura:

--"NASA Just Released Hundreds of Historic Space and Aviation Videos".

--"These Endangered Pygmy Rabbits Survived a Wildfire by Heading Underground".

--"Why It Took Scientists So Long to Figure Out Where Babies Come From: Human conception was still basically a total mystery until as recently as 1875".

--"The Odor ‘Wheel’ Decoding the Smell of Old Books".

--"The Dormouse-Fattening Jars of Ancient Rome".

--"People in 1920s Berlin Nightclubs Flirted via Pneumatic Tubes".

--"Found: Never-Developed Photos of Mount St. Helens Erupting".

--"These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books".

On Mental Floss:

--"The Golden Girls Are Starring in Their Own Version of Clue".

--"This Illustrated Periodic Table Shows How We Regularly Interact With Each Element".
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What I read

Finished Moonbreaker.

A novella by Heather Rose Jones, Three Nights at the Opera (2014), prequel to Daughter of Mystery.

There was indeed a new Catherine Fox, Realms of Glory, delivered to my Kobo well in time to beguile my journeyings. Very good.

Alex Hall, Glitterland (2013): m/m contemporary romance, which was an absolute page-turner and I will even give it a degree of pass on the phonetic rendering of Estuarine speech, on the grounds that this might be down to the first-person narrator's attempt to depict Difference.

Charlie Jane Anders, All the Birds in the Sky (2016): I had a bit of a problem with the rather gender-stereotypical allocation of science vs magic, and also with the way that both of them, in particular Patricia, are shown as coming to their powers as a result of familial dysfunction and school bullying (are US high schools really quite so generally toxic as literature would have me believe?), which is not that dissimilar in its rather Spartan overtones to the ethos of the military school to which Laurence is briefly sent. But I read on.

Helene Wecker, The Golem and the Djinni (2013) - there were parts where I thought this was a bit slow, and possibly about showing off the author's research, but then it all came together with all the threads meshing at the end.

On the go

The end is almost in sight with Prince of Tricksters. Also continuing with Rejected Essays and Buried Thoughts, as and when.

Up next

Well, I have lately had delivered to my Kobo Kate Elliott's Buried Heart (2017), conclusion (?) to the Court of Fives series. But I've also, finally, received Monica Ferris's cozy mystery, Knit Your Own Murder (2016), at last a) out in paperback and b) actually in the mailer received from the seller.

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- спрашивает читатель. С выдающимися научными школами, Ландау, Капица, Вернадский, Зелинский?

Для начала измерения, надо откалибровать приборы.

Есть ровно одна наука, в которой СССР занимал лидирующие позиции (1 или 2 место в мире) - чистая (теоретическая) математика. Очень сильны были позиции СССР также и в теоретической физике; читатель, я полагаю, согласен, что одно явно влияло на другое: наличие прекрасной математической школы способствовало появлению и отработке новых идей в теорфизике, а заказ со стороны хорошо финансируемой физики поддерживал на плаву математику.

Экспериментальная и прикладная физика... тут можно долго спорить, был ли СССР в первой десятке или двадцатке, но факт - транзистор и лазер, перевернувшие жизнь людей в 20 веке в масштабе, равном масштабу пара и электричества - разработаны и внедрены не в СССР.

Не лучше обстоят дела в химии, геологии и т.д. - есть несколько специалистов мирового уровня (еще бы их не было в 250-миллионной стране со 100-процентной грамотностью), но нет науки как таковой, как единого массового коллективного процесса.

Особо важно для дальнейшего - катастрофический удар, нанесенный по советской биологии в 1940-1950-е и крайне медленный процесс восстановления разрушенного в 1960-1970-е. Особо важно, потому что на рубеже 20/21 веков биология (наряду с информатикой, тоже порушенной в СССР) перехватила "майку лидера" у физики в мировой науке.

Итак, выводы.

1. Советская наука и так не была такой уж продвинутой - если выйти за пределы поля пропаганды.

2. Точками роста, лидерскими направлениями в 21 веке стали две науки (биология и информатика), в которых СССР был не слаб. а катастрофически слаб, то есть, нет хороших традиций.

3. В то время как лидер 20 века - физика - решала простую, понятную и близкую Правительству задачу - разработку средств уничтожения врагов Державы и Власти, успехи биологии или информатики не несут очевидных выгод Правительству, и у него нет причин отрывать от своего пирога столь же жирные куски. как это делало советское.

4. Чисто арифметический фактор. Вообразим, что завтра появится шанс на разработку биотехнологии, способной убивать так же хорошо, как водородная бомба; может ли Правительство создать армию ученых, подобную той, что была в СССР (Ландау, Сахаров, Виноградов или Шафаревич были вершиной этой гигантской пирамиды)? Ответ - нет. Основание у этой пирамиды уже не в два раза (140 миллионов против 250), а как бы не в 5-7, ведь надо считать не все население, а только школьный возраст.

Советская модель подготовки научных кадров была беспощадной к людям и крайне малоэффективной, но действенной (в условиях громадного "призывного контингента"): пропустить через школу с ИЗБЫТОЧНЫМ преподаванием математики и физики много миллионов детей, при этом всякой фигне (искусству, языкам и т.п.) не учить; 70 процентов не выдержат и будут вышвырнуты в рабочий класс, причем с травмированной психикой; оставшиеся 30 уже годны для того, чтобы олимпиадами отобрать талантливых и поманить их возможностью совершенно другой, неколхозной жизни ("работа в помещении" как обозначение главной цели социальной динамики), из них такой же дрючкой выбрать 1 процент годных к высокой науке, их срочно обучить у оставшихся профессоров старой школы (а в 1930-е еще и у иммигрантов-коммунистов), остальных сделать инженерами (и плевать, что они плохие инженеры, зато избыточно обучены матфизике). Да, и конечно, граница на замке, никаких иностранных языков.

Но только теперь у нас не под 10 миллионов выпускников, а менее миллиона. И это не сработает. К счастью.

А наука - наука есть. Даже не такая, какая должна быть в стране на 30 месте в экономическом рейтинге, а, пожалуй, гораздо лучше - на уровне 6-8 места в рейтингах. Даже несмотря на Правительство, академию и МГУ. Только эта наука никогда уже не будет "лучшей в мире", но зато - она будет частью мировой. Она будет - это главное.

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Happy birthday, [personal profile] el_staplador and [personal profile] mrissa!
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The final volume of the AMacD commonplace books ends abruptly halfway through. Between two pages are inserted a large number of loose cuttings from assorted periodicals, reporting the death of Gervase Reveley, Viscount Raxdell, in a street accident which only his own skills as a whip prevented from being a far worse disaster, but leading to his being thrown clear of his own curricle and fatally injured. There are also a number of obituary notices. On the following page is written three times I must be philosophical with a heavy line drawn underneath.

Alexander MacDonald, MA, locks the volume away with the others in the secure press, and looks down at his hand. The effects of grief upon the physical body are surely a topic suited to the philosopher, he murmurs as he observes its faint persistent trembling.

But, he thinks, no-one will imagine it to be anything but the natural effects of his efforts over these past few days: no-one will suppose that the signs of lack of sleep upon his face due to anything but the business of organising the funeral, arranging for the succession of the new viscount, writing or causing to be written the vast number of letters that have been necessary, and having all in order for this present morning’s reading of the will.

At least he had been there to the last: it had been considered not in the least remarkable that Gervase desired to communicate last wishes to his dedicated secretary, when they brought in his broken body.

He bites his lip. The new viscount, a fellow of nearly Gervase’s own years that had never expected to inherit, any anticipations in the matter falling upon his son, shows considerable signs of wanting him to stay and steer an obscure country squire through the new paths he suddenly finds himself set upon. But to stay at Raxdell House, when there is no Gervase –

But first, the reading of the will. The servants were well instructed beforehand, but he should be there with His new Lordship to greet the lawyers as they arrive.

The relatives and the household have assembled. Jerome, Seraphine and Roberts all sit together. Old Fosticue – demonstrating respect for the ancient association of the firm with the Reveley family, it is Old Fosticue comes creaking about this ceremony – picks up the document.

There is a little – not quite a gasp, more the sounds of breaths being drawn in among the assembled company – and Old Fosticue looks up as the drawing-room door can be heard opening. A late-comer to the reading? He cannot think of anyone who should be there and isn’t - mayhap some family black sheep in hopes of some small legacy –

A rustle of silk. He turns to look.

Still able to glide like a swan into a room, though in this instance, a black swan, Clorinda, Dowager Marchioness of Bexbury, advances down the rows of chairs, clad in the deepest of mourning, and, gracefully resisting any efforts to direct her anywhere else, comes to sit beside him.

How could he have not known she would come? One must play the comedy out to the last act and the final bow, she has said in respect of so many stratagems and contrivances over the years. Of course she would be here. Under concealment of the full skirt, she takes and squeezes his hand.

A deal of the property is entailed but there was still a considerable amount entirely within Gervase’s disposal. In the will he has carefully detailed numerous minor bequests to various members of the household, distant relatives, and friends. Jerome is well-provided for, as he should be. His dear friend, the Dowager Marchioness of Bexbury, comes in for several pieces of his mother’s jewellery, a valuable snuff-box, and a painting by Raoul de Clérault: doubtless everyone will speculate that Gervase made some settlement upon her years ago, and guess that these are merely sentimental tokens of his esteem. And after all, she is known a well-left widow with no need to hang out for legacies

And to my devoted secretary, who has served me so well and so faithfully - of course, he had expected some remembrance –

- but not that it would be what could only be described as a generous independence, along with something about enabling him to devote his abilities to philosophy -

- at which he finds himself feeling quite the reverse of philosophical, but Clorinda grips his hand again and he does not faint or fall into a fit of weeping.

Afterwards, His new Lordship says all that is proper, but looks as though he is about to lead to the possibility of Sandy's remaining; but a weight leans upon his arm, a voice says in die-away tones, o, Mr MacDonald, I feel quite overset - no-one can apply a dainty handkerchief to her eyes as Clorinda can – might you see is my smelling-bottle in my reticule, sure I thought I had put it in – o, Your Lordship, I am indeed sorry to break in upon your conversation, but I find myself so exceeding faint I would prevail upon Mr MacDonald's kindness to escort me home.

Clorinda’s hair under the cap may be silver-gilt rather than golden these days, she is no longer a young woman, but she still has only to enter a room to draw a bevy of men, old and young, to her side. The new viscount swallows and says, indeed, he would not wish to detain Lady Bexbury here –

O, thank you, breathes Clorinda, and they leave the room quite as if he is rescuing her from the press rather than the reverse.

Once they are in her carriage, and driving away, she says, really! solicit you at such a time to remain about Raxdell House! shocking ton.

But -, he begins.

O, but me no buts, Sandy dear. Are there not young men among your connexion would jump at such a place? You need only say to Lord Raxdell that you have become so entire used to Milord’s particular ways that you confide you would find it hard, at your time of life, to have to change to suit his, but that you will ever be entire at his disposal and that of any secretary he appoints to give advice.

It is entirely true, utterly sensible, quite proper: and something that he had not even managed to begin to think in his frozen state.

My dear, she says, I confide that these past days you have barely slept, have been about all matter of arrangements and perform’d them all exceeding well, and 'tis entirely that consideration should prevent Lord Raxdell from approaching you until you have had time to think of what you will do now. In particular as you do not need to be hanging out for preference.

No… he says, wondering if having something to put his hand to would at least be a distraction, keep him from thinking, from remembering –

They arrive at Clorinda’s pretty house, where they have hatched so many plots and sounded so many mysteries. Hector makes exceeding civil condolences to him, and shows them into the pretty parlour. He goes sit in his accustomed chair.

Vaguely, he hears Clorinda give some instructions to Hector, then turn and say, and Hector, when you have spoke to Euphemia, send up someone with more coals to stir up the fire.

He thinks it might be one of Hector and Euphemia’s offspring that comes lay more coals and stir up the fire into a fine blaze.

Why, dearest C-, do we need a great fire? (For the weather has of a sudden become a deal milder than that cold snap, with ice upon the ground that contributed to the accident.)

Because, dear Sandy, you are shivering.

So he is.

Quite shortly afterwards comes Euphemia herself with a mug in her hand. He had been expecting coffee, has not coffee ever been almost immediately served whenever he comes here?

'Tis a posset, says Clorinda, a most sustaining thing. I daresay you have not eat a thing these several days. You cannot live upon coffee.

He wrinkles his nose but indeed, he cannot remember eating anything, though surely Seraphine must have been leaving food for him.

A little while later comes some excellent soup.

And then he remembers nothing more except for some faint remembrance of being conveyed upstairs by Hector.

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[personal profile] jothra went to a library sale last week and asked if I had any requests: "Weird 70s Gothics? Trixie, Belden?"

"WEIRD 70S GOTHICS PLEASE," I said, and Jo duly carried out her commission so well that I don't know if anybody's ever going to top it:

Portrait in Jig-Saw is apparently so obscure it doesn't even have a Goodreads page, which, having read it, I can honestly now say is kind of a shame.

Our Heroine's name is Alixander David Somerlaid MacDonald (I KNOW), otherwise known as Alisdair; she is a Strictly Sheltered Heiress who has been raised in a Freezing Castle in Complete Isolation and Solitude with only occasional visits from her father until she comes of age on her 21st birthday.

...for the record, the year is 1973.

My legit favorite part about these spoilers is that the entire plot relies on an alternate universe where the world's most famous postmodern novelist is a Thai princess, I want to live in THAT universe! )
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А вот Слава (Ярослав Лазаревич) Раппопорт поехал не в Тюратам (для которого не вышел носом и цветом волос), а в Заполярье. Оно и к лучшему, Тюратам тех лет был буквально пропитан гептилом. В основном от него мерли, конечно, казахи в степи, но и в городе был не санаторий.

"Тюратам" - писали в приказах о распределении; в почтовых адресах и штампах о прописке в паспорте писали "город Ленинск", а дикторы говорили торжественное "Байконур". Все это было одно и то же место. Отец формой носа вышел, но тоже в Тюратам не попал, и слава богу, мама уже была беременна мной, не факт, что я появился бы на свет. Но это отдельная история, может и вообще не для рассказа, или под замком.

Ну вот, а Слава поехал служить на заполярный ракетный полигон. Там с гептилом было получше, только делать было нечего, и он с тоски читал все подряд, что приносил почтальон.

А в то время в партии поднимала голову т.н. "русская фракция", об которую вскоре сломал зубы замзав идеологического отдела ЦК А.Н.Яковлев (да, да, тот самый, будущий член Политбюро при Горбачеве, ненавидимый когда-то совкодрочерами сильнее, чем сам Горбачев). Но тогда карьера идеолога резко оборвалась, его изгнали из цековского рая... - я не шучу, жизнь этой части насельников Старой площади, дом 2 была подобна райской - магазин с 15-ю сортами колбас и 20-ю сыра, билеты в любой театр, в том числе на гастроли зарубежных звезд, на Московский кинофестиваль, да, собственно, летом можно было просто сесть в самолет Аэрофлота и полететь отдыхать даже не в Крым, с цековский санаторий, а на заграничный курорт... стоп, завираться не надо, не на любой заграничный, не в Испанию и не в Турцию. В Болгарию. В любой месяц лета. То есть, имел уровень жизни примерно как у сегодняшнего московского учителя или киевского айтишника. Но его изгнали, и даже сослали, на север. В Канаду, послом, где он и просидел почти до Горбачева.

Я это к чему - погорел он на русофобской, т.е. направленной против русской фракции, огромной (на полосу) статье "Против антиисторизма", напечатанной в "Литгазете". Вся эта борьба протонациков и русофобов разворачивалась вот так - в изданиях второго ряда, ни в коем случае не выплескиваясь на страницы "Правды", "Коммуниста" или даже "Известий". Там не могло быть никаких фракций, только согласованная единая точка зрения Неизвестных Отцов (очень медленно дрейфовавшая в сторону "русской фракции" и чуть быстрее - сталинизма, которые слились уже тогда). Так вот, одним из органов "русских" был журнал "Коммунист Вооруженных Сил"; более или менее в каждом номере было что-то против засилья жыдов, чурок и хахлов (в таком порядке) - разумеется, между строк, так что современный читатель просто не поймет намеков. Слава понимал, скрежетал зубами - но это было так аккуратно зарыто, что нельзя было даже процитировать (они все-таки тоже побаивались).

Но вот грянул юбилей статьи Ленина "К вопросу о национальностях или об автономизации" (то есть, это 1972 год, как раз только что выперли Яковлева). Русская фракция торжествовала победу и решила закрепить ее по такому знаковому поводу - дело в том, что эта статья Ленина была "Библией" партийных русофобов. В ней Ленин противопоставляет друг другу "местный" НАЦИОНАЛИЗМ и имперский ШОВИНИЗМ, он же РУССКИЙ НАЦИОНАЛИЗМ, и задается вопросом, кто из них опаснее для федерального коммунистического государства? Ответ его совершенно однозначен - русский/имперский шовинизм, во-первых, политически (он вооружает против Москвы национальные чувства нерусских масс, которых добрая половина СССР, и препятствует привлечению на сторону коммунизма народов-соседей, вроде поляков или турок), а во-вторых, содержательно: национализм есть пережиток, остаток буржуазно-демократически-революционного движения, а русский шовинизм - это чистая, беспримесная, монархическая реакция, непримиримая ко всему левому.

Ну вот, номер КВС вышел с огромной передовой. В которой, без малейшего стеснения, было написано: товарищи, как же Ильич отвечает на этот вопрос? КОНЕЧНО ЖЕ, отвечает Ильич, ОПАСНЕЕ БУРЖУАЗНЫЙ НАЦИОНАЛИЗМ, направленный на развал ЕДИНОГО, ЦЕНТРАЛИЗОВАННОГО ГОСУДАРСТВА, в то время как русский национализм - это просто излишнее усердие перестаравшихся товарищей. Та-даммм. Та-дамммм.

Ярослав Лазаревич, майор Раппопорт, взял в канцелярии пишмашинку у знакомой секретарши и отстучал вежливое письмо, дескать так вас и растак, завравшиеся суки, вот на странице такой-то Полного Собрания Сочинений Ленина, том такой-то, написано, а Вы вкладываете нашему гению прямо противоположную мысль, а вот тут вы не просто оборвали цитату, а и добавили после кавычек слова, изменившие ее смысл, это, сволочи, как понимать? Требую опровержения и разобраться, с глубоким уважением и партприветом, подпись - Раппопорт.

Ответа он не получил. И послал копию, заказным. Ответа не получил, и послал копию заказным, с уведомлением о вручении. Уведомление тоже заказным, кутить так кутить. Ответа не получил. И написал 18 жалоб, все заказными, с уведомлением о вручении (заказной карточкой), в ЦК, в отдел печати, в Совмин, в Президиум Верхсовета, Генпрокурору, в Главпур армии и флота - на нарушение порядка рассмотрения жалоб и писем трудящихся, и постановления ЦК и Совмина о советской печати. Тут реакция последовала - "майора Раппопорта к замполиту полигона полковнку Г-кову, бегом!"

... Когда полковник оторался, майор, встав по стойке смирно, произнес: товарищ полковник, прошу Вас указать мне уставные или партийные требования, на основании которых КОММУНИСТУ, офицеру ВООРУЖЕННЫХ СИЛ может быть ограничена переписка с редакцией журнала "Коммунист Вооруженных Сил". Прошу отдать это указание в письменном виде с занесением к книгу приказов, в противном случае следующая моя жалоба будет в партийные органы на неосновательные придирки к члену партии, во все партийные органы. "Можете быть свободны, тов. майор".

...Сначала на Славу обрушился поток просроченных уведомлений о вручении всех его писем и жалоб за пару месяцев. А еще через несколько дней пришло письмо из редакции КВС:

- Дорогой товарищ Раппопорт, благодарим Вас за интерес и дружескую критику нашей работы. Приносим извинения за несвоевременный ответ на Ваши обращения, дело в том, что член редколлегии, ответственный за прохождение этого материала, СКОРОПОСТИЖНО СКОНЧАЛСЯ ВСКОРЕ ПОСЛЕ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ВАШЕГО ПИСЬМА".

Слава живет сейчас в Мичигане и, несмотря на очень преклонный возраст, выходит на озеро на паруснике. Подозреваю, что пишет ехидные комменты в твиттер Трампу...
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I noticed - flitting past me on Twitter the other day - somebody eyerolling at, if not codfishing, some bloke's plaint that watching Dunkirk had made him realise that The Modern Man does not have these Manly Challenges To Rise To -

And being a historian, I thought that, actually, there have been long generations, at least in my country, where most men were not being called upon to take arms and fight, and the general attitude to the soldiery was summed up by Kipling in Tommy.

And that thing about Challenges to Rise To always tends to be seen in a context which leads to e.g. the Battle of the Somme, rather than to being a despised Conscientious Objector, a decision which history may read entirely differently -

Which possibly links on to that thing I also saw flit past me on Twitter apropos of alt-history narratives which allow the viewer to believe that they would be The Resistance, which reminded me of that nasty piece of work Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger going 'where are the good brave causes?', and really, one can think of a few relevant to the 1950s, not to mention, we do not, ourselves, envisage J Porter going off to Spain in the 30s.

And the whole notion of Heroic Actions and somehow, not here, not now.

And I thought, did not my beloved Dame Rebecca say somewhat to this point in Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, and while this has the rhetorical universalisation and generalisation to which she was (alas) prone, it does seem relevant to this notion of some kind of masculine Rite de Passage:

All men believe that some day they will do something supremely disagreeable, and that afterwards life will move on so exalted a plane that all considerations of the agreeable and disagreeable will prove petty and superfluous.

As opposed to, persistently beavering away at the moderately disagreeable in the hopes that it might become a little more agreeable.


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Я понял, что мне как-то стало не о чем писать; есть темы, на которые я уже высказал все что мог и хотел, и повторяться не хочется, есть такие, по которым понял, что лбом стену не пробить (и повторения ужаса годичной давности тоже не хочу; если честно, меня это просто сломало). Новых тем тоже не вижу.

Но если кто-то из читателей считает, что мне стоило бы написать о том-то и том-то, что мое мнение по этому вопросу не прояснено и может быть интересно - можно написать это в комментах.
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Dear readers, I have recently completed what I suppose, length-wise, amounts to a novella, i.e. long enough that I will be posting it in instalments.

It is set some 20+ years after Clorinda renounced writing her memoirs.

Content warnings: some character deaths, atypical behaviour while in the throes of bereavement, startling and unexpected revelations.

But some answers to questions about 'what happened to - ?'.

First episode coming shortly.

sartorias: Mei Changs (MC)
These are transitional scenes in that they flash to the past but are building toward a coming confrontation. But on repeated viewings, we can see deep groundwork being laid for even bigger stakes.

And oh, the emotional moments are riveting.
Read more... )

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Jul. 25th, 2017 09:27 am[personal profile] oursin
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] adair and [personal profile] owlfish!
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--My sleep has continued to be all over the place. Last night I managed to get to bed around 1 AM or so (IIRC) and didn't get up until 11:30 today; the night before, I was in bed by 1:15 so I could get up at a reasonable hour and [ profile] scruloose, [ profile] ginny_t, Kas, and I could go raspberry picking, and I managed, at a generous estimate, two hours of sleep. FUN.

--I had these notions of finishing a fic for this round of [ profile] smallfandomfest, but it wraps up at the end of this month, so...ha ha ha no. ^^; But hey, I got it started and made some actual progress during [ profile] nanodownunder, and unfilled [ profile] smallfandomfest prompts remain available for claiming past the round when they're prompted, so it's not like I won't have another chance. I just liked the idea of doing it now.

--I haven't taken pictures yet, but when we were out watering the garden a couple of days ago, there were the beginnings of blossoms on one of the two clematis plants!

--Amidst all the political awfulness, personal stuff, cute gifs, and book-blogger chat, my Twitter feed has been full of people being gleeful about "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator"--enough so that I briefly pretended I don't have something like 100 unplayed games and can't remember the last time I played anything and went to check it out. I was saved by an impulse buy by the fact that the game's currently Windows- and Mac-only; I do still have a Windows partition for games, but realistically, I also can't remember the last time I booted into it for anything but StarCraft. (And that wasn't terribly recently. I did buy at least the first of the SCII Nova mission packs, but I don't remember how far I got.) (Separate parenthetical: I've preordered the remastered original StarCraft, so for that, booting into Windows will undoubtedly happen. Unless it magically runs under WINE.)

--I need to keep reminding myself that Rogue One is on Netflix until I finally watch it (having literally slept through most of it in the theatre, which was not the movie's fault!). I should also rewatch TFA sometime in the next few months.

--It turns out Black Sails is shorter than I'd been thinking in two ways: I'd somehow had the impression it's five seasons, not four, and I also hadn't realized the seasons are so short (eight to ten episodes each, I think?). All of a sudden bumping it up to basically the top of my to-watch list (which seems to be a good plan, judging from how many people I know are in love with the show) is a way less daunting prospect.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

Via [ profile] sgamadison, an update on Stargate Origins: be aware that the new digital episodes are only going to be ten minutes each.

"A Woman, Explaining Things". [Sarah Gailey on the casting of the thirteenth Doctor]

"Towards a Definition of “Fanfiction”: 3,564 people took our survey. Here’s what we learned". [Fansplaining]

"Does God exist in the Marvel Universe?" [Salon]

"Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish Manga Ends on August 25". [ANN]


"Radical Cartography" is...hard for me to describe. Very cool things with maps...and stuff...?

"All of my work on the “Irish slaves” meme (2015–’16)". In case you ever need to debunk the "but the Irish were slaves too!" crap that some flavors of racists like to whip out.

"Gratitude for Invisible Systems: One way to improve democracy is for more people to appreciate its complex technological underpinnings".

"My Father Spent 30 Years In Prison. Now He's Out". This is lovely and heartbreaking.

"Updated Syllabus for Journalism 101". [McSweeney's]

"This Is How Tough It Can Actually Be To Follow High School Prom Dress Codes". [Buzzfeed]

Via [ profile] bell, "When Your Teacher Keeps Saying You Can’t Draw Cats, But Your Paintings Are Photorealistic".

"Make a Magical Carpet Cat Hammock With an Old Towel".

"This Guy Spent A Year Exploring The Subculture Of Competitive Punning".

"How to Fall Down". [Lifehacker]

"Sapphic Stories || Around the world". "Sapphic Stories – Around the world does not intend to be a rec list that is ultimate and finalized, but just the beginning of a search for more pluralized stories. There are many other stories out there that we need to look for. Still, I believe that this post could be a nice start so that people can recognize these stories set in the places they grew up in or to know more about what it means to be sapphic in other places. This list contains F/F fiction books, books that have at least one women who feel romantic/sexual attraction to women, short stories, anthologies, and nonfiction about how it is to be LGBT+ in some places of the world."

"tim walker photographs all black cast for alice in wonderland themed pirelli calendar".

Via [ profile] dine, "Superb Cut Paper Artworks by Pippa Dyrlaga".


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